Jul 7, 2008

Pleased to meet you...


let me introduce myself. I'm a graphic designer. I live together with my lovely boyfriend. We're renting right now but are keeping an eye out for a place of our own.

I love making things, in my job but also at home. I knit, sew, make earrings and generally like all things crafty. I also have a love for everything vintage. I like nothing more than going to flea markets and second hand shops. I love the thrill off the hunt...

I'll use this blog as a way of collecting and sharing my inspirations and work with all the rest of you. I'll hope you'll enjoy!

1 comment:

ImagaZool said...

hi Carrie!
I also like what you like to do.
I work in an absolutely different thing (information technology) in Buenos Aires (argentina); but I'm looking forward to *meet my real me*.
: )

And I think that reading your post could help!