Jul 18, 2008

As strong as paper

The design company I work for is designing and organising a "paper art gallery" for a client of us, a paper federation, who's having a convention this fall.

I'm working on the design for this and I've also been researching the paper design objects.

It's amazing how much can be made out of paper (or cardboard)! And if they paper is treated it will also last. Although I wonder if the treatment of the paper takes away the whole environmental friendliness...

Anyway, here are some objects that unfortunately haven't made it on to the final list, either because of budget restrictions or because the designer/artist wasn't willing to lend his work out.

I absolutely loved the paper sculptures of Jen Stark. But she unfortunately didn't even wanted to sell us a sculpture. Not much of a businesswoman, if you ask me...

Another one of my favorite designers: Tord Boontje. Sadly this lamp wasn't made out of paper but tyvek, so we couldn't use it... By the way if you have a chance to buy his book, definitely do it, it's as beautiful as his work.

Another item that didn't made it because it was made out of tyvek was this wonderful dress of Rob Ryan. Actually even if it wasn't made out of tyvek we couldn't have borrowed it because it was leaving for a 1 year tour to the states. Lucky dress!
Rob did propose to make a dress especially for us out of paper but that was unfortunately not in the budget...

Hopefully we'll find some new objects that have the same high design standards as these rejected ones!

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