Jul 9, 2008

Pantone madness

A while ago I went to London and when I was at the V&A gift store, I almost bought a Pantone mug.

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Pantone is a standardized color reproduction system thats widely used by graphic designers such as myself. When you print a color in cmyk, I's actually not 1 colour but made out of 4 colours (Cyan-Magenta-Yellow-blacK), so you're never quite sure if you will get the right result. But with pantone colours you are, because they are already mixed, kind of like buying paint in store instead of trying to mix it yourself.
(Pantone is actually also used in interior design and fashion).

Anyway back to my story. I picked up my mug, feeling like a design geek, when I saw the price. £9 for a mug? Mmm, maybe another time...


Maybe I should try and make my own DIY pantone project. Like the pantone stairs from Tamotsu Yagi. Now the only problem is finding a house...

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