Sep 6, 2008

Music and decorating

I am blessed with having a very creative boyfriend. One of his mayor outlets is music. Not always as relaxing for me since we live in a open plan apartment. (The next house/apartment will have to have doors and walls and hopefully a sound proof room (a secret dream of mine).)

His preferred instrument is the guitar. Many evening I am entertained with technical details about guitars during which I normally just nod and try to look interested (he does the same when I talk about decorating). And every time he buys a guitar/amplifier my opinion is asked. And there is only one quality I look at: the esthetics. Since there's a big chance it will end up in my living room, it better look nice!

Since I have a love for vintage, I love all the vintage reissues or vintage inspired equipment. Thankfully my boyfriend thinks the same, so at the moment I'm pretty happy with his choice of guitars/amplifiers.

(Don't be fooled that these are the only guitars and amplifiers
he has, the rest is in his band's rehearsal room.)

Here are some other inspiring interior shots
featuring guitars.

Desire to inspire

Joe Schmelzer

Jonn Coolidge

Malina Pearson

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