Oct 6, 2008

Collections: tin boxes

I first fell in love with vintage tin boxes when I saw some over at a friend's home. I started my collection the next day ! Most of my boxes are actually from family, friends or friends from friends.

If I do buy one, I never wanna pay more than 3 euros for them. Some sellers ask over 10 euros which I think is a bit ludicrious !

Here are some of my most treasured boxes of my collection.

And here are some lovely pictures I found on the worldwide web.





caroline said...

I Love your tins....it has reminded me to add 'tins' to my collection list! If you have time go here and if you like add a comment to be entered into my give away! feel free to spread the word if you like, but only if you want to. Thanks!

Carrie said...

You seem to have as many collections as me :)

neryl said...

Love your tin collection- I have strong memories of a tin at my grandmas full of buttons and beads for the kids to make jewellery. I recently found one very similar!

Carrie said...

My grandma also had one filled with buttons. As a matter of fact I think she still has that one...

Le R. said...

Hello Carrie! I also love these tins, but do you know of a way to prevent them from rusting at the metal rims (asides from keeping them in a dry place, of course) or to remove this rust without damaging the tin?

Carrie said...

Oh gosh Le R., I wish I did, I've had the same problem myself. I clean the rust with some metal polish and that does seem to prevent them from rusting further. Or maybe that's just my wishful thinking :)