Oct 20, 2008

Tiny apartment

Maybe you know the feeling: you're walking around your local IKEA, admiring the styling of the display ‘apartments’. At the same time a thought crosses your mind : nobody actually lives in tiny 20m square apartments ! (Well apart from maybe students and leprechauns.)

And then I came across the apartment of NJ in New York. It might be a bit bigger than your average IKEA store display, but it’s still quite tiny to harbour a family of 3.

Thanks to some clever tricks (the stair that doubles as book shelves, the fold out desk…) the space feels much bigger than it is.

So forget about spacious lofts, tiny apartments really are the thing for the future!
Now for a cunning plan to fit all my junk on 20 square meter...

All images from Apartment Theraphy


Julia said...

amazing -- it feels spacious

kaszasa said...

super! I love this ingenious solution!

DD said...

very cleverly arranged!like it!