Nov 8, 2008

Let it shine!

Once upon a time when MTV was actually still showing music video’s, I came cross the Red Hot Chili Pepper’s video for ‘Can’t stop’. I don’t know if any of you can remember that one, it was inspired by the 'One-Minute Sculptures' of Austrian artist Erwin Wurm. There was one scene which gave me an eureka feeling. It was the one with guitarist John Frusciante standing in the middle of a room filled with vintage lamps.

That’s what I needed : a room full of vintage lamps! Well, or at least a corner or something…

And this is what I have so far, three lovely thrift store finds. Whenever we have friends around I put them on and they really create the right ambiance for entertaining.

(The painting is by the boyfriend by the way, you can check out more of his work here.)

I’m hoping to find some more in the future but until then I’ll just have to satisfy myself with these lovely internet finds.


Through Flickr


Through Flickr

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Not your goddess said...

what a great idea, I might just copy it!