Jan 4, 2009

Back to the future — Fifties interior book

Once a year our local libary has a sale of their discontinued books, with all profit going to charity. Being always on the hunt for that perfect second hand treasure I am off course present every year. Last time I found this neat little sixties paperback.

'Het Binnenhuis' — roughly translated to 'The Interior House' — contains 150 pages filled with interior advice and decorating tips. Although I fear there pricelists might be a bit out of date...

Now I have to admit that my attention tends to wander when reading non-fiction but fortunately for me this book is brim filled with illustrations!

One of the illustrations I am fond of the most is the one with the futuristic looking television sets, much beter looking than the current flat screens.

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Julia said...

What an awesome find! I can't wait for our annual library sale. I missed it last year!