Mar 3, 2009

House in the middle of the street

They boyfriend and I recently placed a bid on, maybe not our dream house, but a fierce runner up. Unfortunately we were outbid, so our search continues...

The most disappointing thing I find is not so much realizing what dreadful houses we can buy with our budget, but the lovely houses we can't buy. Take a look for instance at this house which is for sale in the same street we now live.

Okay it still needs some work but even now it already has so much potential! Unfortunately it's 100.000 € over our budget. Ouch!

In case you are interested it is for sale here


paper wren said...

Seriously, I am right there with you. We have been outbid on two houses. And after making an offer it is so hard not to redecorate in your head and then it's even more of a bummer not getting it.

At least March and April are high house season, so fingers crossed. Best of luck to you and your boyfriend!

please sir said...

Aww keep your hopes up...that perfect in your price range house will come along!

Julia said...

Yes! We're also beginning the hunt and I can already sense some of the heartache of the process. I'm sure the right one will come along for us and for you guys!

Jules said...

at least you're in a place where you can actually look for a place to buy! my husband and i are far, far away from that day! keep your chin up :)

K @ Blog Goggles said...

Woah, that's gorgeous. I love the backyard. I know what you mean about budgets, though. I live in a closet!

Someday maybe??

Carrie said...

Paper Wren, I have the same problem, I'm always redecorating in my head even tough I know I shouldn't. Funny :-)

Julia, good luck to you, everybody deserves a place of their own, hope you find yours soon.

Jules, sorry to hear that. We are very lucky to have some money saved up, although it is a bit frustrating that even with that we are on rather a tight budget...

K, hope you can move out of the closet soon :-)

And all of you, thanks for all the good luck wishes, I'm sure we're bound to find something now :)

Rachel said...

I wish you luck - buying and selling a house is one of the most stressful things I can think of!!!
But don't lose hope. I felt the same way you did when we were looking - it wasn't so much about depression from seeing the houses we COULD afford as it was envy of the houses we COULDN'T afford!! It seemed like if we could have ponied up just $10K more, we would have opened a whole new world of available houses. But we just couldn't.
The house we actually bought was really my favorite. It was by far the best we saw. So we put in an offer. And they rejected it. So we raised it. And they told us they accepted another offer. We were totally bummed out. But a week later they called, the other offer fell through, and they would like to take our offer now. Hooray!!! Of course, that's when we found out about the termites.

I wish you luck. Oh, and I totally redecorated every single house I looked at. I would obsess about it, coming up with mental color schemes and furniture arrangement!

DesignTies said...

We live in a city where the cost of housing is extremely high - and even with a slight downturn in the housing market the kinds of things we can afford aren't pretty to look at! We bought our current house a little over a year ago - the price was at the top of our budget, and it was the nicest we could find for that price - but it's a total fixer-upper!! Believe me... it was a real search to find this little house... and it's been fun to tear out, re-build/design & decorate!!! Good luck on your search!
Victoria from EdinDesigns @ DesignTies

Jennifer Ramos said...

It's very CUTE though....I remember house hunting as well. Seeing all the homes I couldn't afford and inevitably those are the ones you always like more!!

Jen Ramos
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