Jun 22, 2009

Put the needle on it

One of my very first records was a song by the Smurfs... talk about childhood memories! I can remember the magic of gently putting the record on to the player. How it thenwould start spinning. And how finally, very slowly, the needle would go down, the music would begin and I would start dancing like crazy.

Desire to Inspire

I also remember dancing along to the Grease soundtrack with my sister. Oh, who I'm a kidding, that was only a few years ago...


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Anna Caroline said...

I really like old record players. My mom used to have one but gave it back to her mother...hmmm secretly I feel like stealing it back :)

RhiannonM said...

My first two records came at relatively the same time. A Fraggle Rock 45 and a Care bears 45 that came with Triaminic.
I have inherited all my mom's old albums as well. I love them. We have a new record player though.