Jan 4, 2010

Reading corner

Alas, the first working day of the new year has begun. I'm still a bit groggy of the early rise and not quite in working mode just yet.

I think I'll daydream a bit about the recent holidays. How did you spent yours? Mine were filled with the obvious: parties, family, friends, champagne and way too much food. But whenever I had time, I sneaked off to read and I'm hapilly to report that I've finished 'The angel's game' by Carlos Luiz Zafron. I must say I absolutely loved it, I really must try to visit Barcelona in 2010.

Haven't read the book? Get inspired by the following reading nooks, get your hands on a copy and get swept away by this page-turning story.

Home Sweet Home




seesaw designs said...

i love reading... and reading nooks. great choices.

Kaylovesvintage said...

nice to see that you like my reading corner

Carrie said...

Well it does look very comfy with that sheep skin :)