Mar 22, 2010

Getting the trim of it

Spring has arrived but I'm still sewing a winter dress. This is due to my love hate relationship with my Singer. Sometimes he purres like a kitten, sometimes he decides to munch up all the fabric. Since I'm teaching myself to sew it can be a tedious and frustrating process. But I won't be defeated!

Elle Interior

Through Flickr

PS: if you know any good online sewing resources, please let me know!


Mónica said...

I love those chairs! I have seen them before in some many blogs, but I couldn't find their name. Somebody can help me and tell me where I can find them? Thanks!

Carrie said...

Hi Monica, those are Eames DSW chairs. Vitra sells them.

Mónica said...

Thanks Carrie. I'll search for them!