Mar 3, 2010

Toy story

Even tough I'm getting closer and closer to thirty every day (eek) I still have a little collection of stuffed animals. I have a blue bunny who is as old as me and goes by the very inventive name Bunny. There is a little orange bear that used to hang in my grandfathers car and which is, together with a vintage cigar tin, one of the few memories I have from him. And last but not least is another bunny who was a precious present of my boyfriend.

When I see this threesome over in my bedroom corner – one a bit more scuffed by time then the other – I realize that they might not be the best design icons but I know that they make the room complete...

So what about you do you have a childhood toy that still keeps you company? Or a teddy that brings back memories?

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Nina in vorm

Making it lovely


Anna said...

i still have a few animals from childhood i simply cannot give up. including this one from my dad ( ).
i also have my blankie that i still sleep with. its name is feelie, and yes I am 27. so sad but i have no shame! my boyfriend has learned to live with it!

fl├╝ge said...


im become 31 this may and i still love toys, comics, playing video games, watchin disney movies etc ;)
I think to grow up does not means to give up everything. Is good to keep a litt child inside of you!!

btw. the tablet with the elephants, is that from ikea?? i have seen a similar tablet with birds by ikea.


Hope Chella said...

I think it is all wonderful :) Your blog is adorable!!!

Carrie said...

I feel a bit better now I know I'm not the only grown-up with toys in the bedroom (mmm, that sounded a bit too sexual)
@ Fluge The tray does come from Ikea but I didn't see them on my last trip there so I don't know if they are still in production.