Apr 7, 2010

A different kind of crate

As many of you I can't leaf through a Vitra, Moroso or any other design catalogue without drooling. And as many of you I can't help but sighing when I get to the prices.

Fortunately great design can come cheap. An excellent example is crate storage. The simple crate once destined for every student's dorm can also look sophisticated in every grownup's home. And I got photographs to prove it!


Fleur avenue

Through Flickr


My Owl Barn said...

Wow, these look amazing! May I should start collecting them to stack books next to my bed :)

Polly said...

Nice! I love cheap decoration like this. The last photo is particularly beautiful xx

Faith | Postcard Mailing said...

I love how style of the third image. A very unique and impressive bookshelf that is.

Johanna said...

I really love this idea. The crates are so simple but stylish too.