Apr 24, 2010

A page turner

It's been a beautiful day today and I've been trying to get at least a tiny bit of a tan whilst rereading an Agatha Christie book (fortunately I have a real bad memory so I don't remember who did it.)

I love reading and I love books. And I have to admit that the current trend of e-books give me the shivers. I can't imagine a world without the smell of a new book or the pleasure of cracking a spine and turning pages. I think books also make the greatest addition to your interior (and there is so much you can learn about a person by the books they own). So I'm determined to keep the (sustainable) paper book alive!


Apartment therapy

From the desk of Lola


Karen said...

O my goodness! I feel the same way. I recently got into a heated argument with one of my aunts about how she's aiding in the steady destruction of books when she announced she was getting a Nook. She went ahead and got it anyway, and then promptly returned it after about a couple days cause she hated it (hehe). Needless to say, she won't be revisiting any e-book readers for a very long time. Mission accomplished. =D

Pearl said...

I'm feeling you girl!!

So many books, so little time!

I want my own library just like the first pic!