May 17, 2010

Morning glory

I have to admit, I used to be one of those people who regularly skipped breakfast. But ever since I decided to do some more sport and go to the station by bike, I'm forced to have some nutrients in the morning, unless I want to faint on a daily base.

I still take to little time to eat – my bed is just so cosy – so in the end I just gulp down some cornflakes and orange juice. I also think it's to much hassle to start making eggs or even toast in the morning. Lazy? I plead guilty.

So do you take the time to relax and enjoy your breakfast? Any tasty – preferably quick – breakfast recipes?

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Jane said...

I can't go without brekky so I buy scrambled eggs on toast from a nearby cafe and eat it at my desk - lazy AND expensive! Will have to try and get back into the habit of cooking them at home. Sigh.

Anonymous said...

Hi Carrie Can, my breakfast trick is to ask my boyfriend if he would be so lovely to make me a big brown bread with cheese. And one with Nutella. the one with cheese I most times eat immediately. And the one with Nutella in the afternoon, in the office. Looovely! xo Steffi

Not your goddess said...

Aaahh I used to always take time to eat breakfast. It could be anything from yogurt with muesli and some coffee, to scrambled eggs with fried cherry tomatoes and toast... and coffee. Now that I have two kids I get them ready for daycare in a rush and have breakfast by my desk at work. Not ideal, I can't wait for daily life to slow down a bit again =/

Cordelia said...

I've found that yogurt with granola and some fruit (if available) keeps my energy up all morning--definitely more than cereal does. It's so delicious!

Anonymous said...

Yogurt and Granola with a double espresso. Every morning. An excellent energy source that easily takes you to afternoon without the slightest weakness. Never fails--Cheers!

Miss Kitty Boo said...

I used to not have breakfast too, but its just not good to skip your first meal and by lunch i would end up eating any old junk. I tend to scof down a piece of toast with cheese but I am a sucker for eggs in the morning so when i found a toaster that poached eggs while it toasts your toast I had to have it. It was around $60 but totally worth it. All you have to do is wack the toast in, crack an egg and you can drink some juice or something while your waiting! Then when your toast pops up your egg is ready to go... :)

Carrie said...

@ Jane: take out is a bit of an expensive way of having breakfast and probably not always that healthy too

@ ohhmhh: your lucky to have a boyfriend like that, mine is always fast asleep when I get up ;)

@ not your goddess: ah the wonders of motherhood... hope you get the breakfast routine back to normal soon.

@ Cordelia & xyz: have to try the yoghurt with granola, sounds yummy

@ miss kitty boo: I've never heard from a toaster that poaches eggs while toasting! Which brand is it?

Polly said...

love that kitchen!

Polly said...

And I always have sultana bran in the morning while I read some blogs! I don't get to do any blog reading during the day so it's nice to relax and read some in the morning. All my family leaves before me so I'm on my own anyway. I tried having fried egg on toast the other day but I missed my sultana bran hahah! x

Farmgirl Susan said...

I can be bad about eating breakfast, too. I'll start doing farm chores and suddenly realize I've been up for two or three hours and haven't eaten anything. Having something handy and healthy on hand really makes a difference for me - otherwise I'm apt to just grab some crackers and cheese or a piece of chocolate cake. ;)

A few years ago I started making these whole grain bran muffins, and while they do take a little time to mix up, they freeze beautifully so you can make several breakfasts in advance. I just pull out one the night before and let it defrost on the kitchen counter in an airtight container. Spread with peanut butter and jam and washed down with a glass of milk, one muffin will keep me going for hours. :)

C. said...

Yogurt and fruit is a good staple. I'm also a big fan of french toast (with grits!) because it really doesn't take long to make and you can dress it up or w/ jam, cream cheese, peanut butter and bananas, or berries if you want a little pizazz in the A.M.
This strawberry bread recipe is also a sweet treat in the morning!