May 27, 2010

Topsy turvey

After a glorious sunshine filled weekend, the sky is grey again and rain is pouring down in a steady stream. So I'm forced to drink my cocktails inside and try and forget the grim weather outside.

This brings me to an important question where do you store your liquor? No, I'm releasing my inner alcoholic, I'm just wondering if you opt for an open bar in your home or if you prefer to keep your alcohol behind locked doors? Lately I've been admiring bar trays even though I'm not sure I want another item to dust...

Lonny Magazine




val said...

i am loving the bar cart from lonny magazine and the stacks and stacks of books piled next to it. a perfectly mixed cocktail and a great book sounds like a perfect afternoon to me!

i keep my liquor on a tray on a bar cart. i love the look of a well-stocked bar cart with a small vase of flowers.

xyQ said...

if you release your inner alcoholic, no need to dust...