May 21, 2010

Using the useless

I have an inborn tendency to buy all things beautiful. Especially if I find myself in a thrift store. Hello?! Cheap and beautiful, who can pass on that?

As any addiction, this often leads to incomprehension with my closest kin. The boyfriend is keen on sighing and rolling his eyes for example when I come home with another secondhand find. "What are you going to do with all that stuff anyway?".

Ah, but now I have an illustrated excuse for all my mismatched ceramic dinner plates! Why hide them in the cupboards when they make excellent artwork?

I bet he can't have anything against that! (or maybe only with the fact that he will be the one putting them up)


Tea for Joy


Polly said...

I'm the same! I always manage to find such random things as well. Like the other day in a charity shop, my friend spent her time going through clothes, while I was buying a miniature dolls house plate and a handmade doily! My room is filling up with such beautiful but random junk!
I love the plate walls. The first and third ones are particularly pretty x

sunny said...

it's so hard to pass up something that is beautiful - esp when it's cheap!!!

Kaylovesvintage said...

me too

Jessica May said...

I am the same too, trouble is, my flat is full to the brim! All those plates on the wall look fab though, what a great idea! I love hanging stuff on the wall that isn't a traditional picture if you know what I mean.

Ca said...

Love love LOVE!!!!! such a statement

Carrie said...

glad to hear I'm not alone! ;)