Jun 9, 2010

A head for dreaming

Our bed is basically just a slated bed base with legs attached. My boyfriend has a strong opinion against bedframes – don't ask me why – and to be honest I like the fact that I have some extra storage underneath the bed. But then again, it is a bit boring. So that's why lately I've been contemplating headboard. I've always been a fan of fabric headboards, they are a simple way of adding some pattern and fun into your bedroom.


But since I'm also a big fan of storage (since I own to much stuff), it might be better to opt for a shelf headboard.


The beautiful soup

That unreliable girl

Or maybe I should ditch the whole bedhead idea and focus on the wall behind.


Oh joy

So what do you think? What did you choose for your home? And would you make the same choice again?


Polly said...

I like the idea of having a shelf headboard because I too have so much clutter! I still have the same boring single bed that I've had since I was 4 (I'm 19 and still live with my parents) so I don't have a pretty headboard or anything. But I have so much stuff accumulated around my bed like my moisturisers, alarm clock, tissues, water, lamp, contact lenses etc so a shelf would be good for me!
I like the one on the picture from the beautiful soup. I like the wall pattern in the last image as well! xx

La Boheme said...

Nice bedrooms selection! So many options to choose from right? xo

Carrie said...

Indeed the problem of the priviliged, too many choices ;)