Nov 16, 2010

Somewhere to hang my coat

2010 has truly been the year that I've discovered online shopping. After years of making only occasional well over thought visits to online stores, and leaving most of them (virtually) empty handed, this year my Visa card has felt the force of my shopping sprees.

Not only have I become a regular on Amazon, but I also discovered Asos and more recently the Outnet. On the last one, which piles up with lovely reduced designer stuff, I made my latest purchase. A wool Pringle 1815 winter coat priced down 70 %. Score! And it fits perfect (the first fit is always a bit scary with internet purchases).

Now I just need a lovely rack to match my lovely coat.

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Emma at The Marion House Book said...

I agree, I've totally gotten into online shopping this year. I love ShopBop - have you been? And yes, buy an Eames hang-it-all - they're not that expensive.