Dec 16, 2010

'tis the season

I don't know about you, but when it comes to Christmas decorations, I always have these brilliant ideas which are great and easy in my head but complicated and frustrated in reality.

This year I thought how wonderful it would be to integrate a bit of typography in my decorations so I decided to print out some words, stick them on cardboard, cut it out and with the help of some gold spray paint, add a bit of holiday spirit. But off course I had to choose a serif font which looked wonderful on the computer but was hell to cut out. Luckily in the end all turned out well as the following photo proofs.

I have to say that with the baubles I cheated, I wanted to make my own sequined baubles for a while, but when I spotted these ones at Habitat, I thought I'd save myself the trouble.

And then, as the French would say, the pièce the résistance.

I spotted bauble wreaths popping up at various blogs. I wondered how hard it could be – I mean it's just sticking balls to a wreath – so decided I might as well give it a try. I kind of underestimated how many baubles exactly go into a bauble wreath. For all you decoration virgins, I think there are about 150 in mine. That amount means a lot of glueing, and even more annoying, a lot of watching glue dry. But I think the result is pretty stunning. Because I like it so much I'm actually too afraid to hang it up like I was planning to, so I think I just leave it lying on the coffee table. Nice and safe, just the way I like it...

So what about you? Have you been busy crafty for the holidays?

PS: I know, no Christmas tree. I might still put one up, but the Christmas cards have priority now...


Eyeliner & Wallpaper said...

I love your typographic christmas decoration! I feel you on the bauble wreath. I use to work in the visual department for a major department store, and had to create 5 of those!
Have a great weekend!


Moniek said...

Wauw, just beautiful christmas decoration.

Not your goddess said...

Wow, that is gorgeous!

Carrie said...

@ Eyeliner & Wallpaper: 5, yikes! Good thing you were getting paid to make them ;)

• Moniek & Not your goddess: thank you ladies for the wonderful comments