Mar 21, 2011

White as ?

So I'm thinking of repainting. To keep everything light and airy, I'm going for white. But what to choose now, like really as white, as you can get, white, or something a little bit warmer? But I don't want it to turn out too creamy neither...

What are your experiences with white paint? What tint do you think works best?

A merry mishap


Bieke Claessens


Wies' Weblog said...

Be careful when choosing a greyish-white.. We have put on this ( beautiful color on our walls, to have a real fresh and light house. Love it! But our white furniture looks like it is cream colored. Also nice but not the look we've been searching for ;-)

Good luck on choosing the right colors!

Anonymous said...

I am a fan of a very bright clean white. Our whole house is painted in Behr Ultra White (base colour). Easy to touch with since no tint is added it is just straight from the can. It also makes a nice contrast when you do use it with other colours.

VICTORIA said...

I’ve always loved to live in a wonderful flow white rooms.Great Post!