Jul 17, 2011

Book review: The Meghan Method

The following book has been lying on my bedstand for quite a while, not because it hasn't been interesting to read, far from it. "The Meghan Method" by Meghan Carter is, instead of being another interior book with lots of pretty pictures, a comprehensive guide to decorating your home. Explaining every step of the process in an understanding and simple way there is something in here for both the amateur as the little more experienced interior enthousiast.

What really won me over was the different lists she uses throughout the book (and which you can download from her website). Being a list freak myself I know how important they are to keep track of everything in order to not get overwhelmed.

But you wan to know what makes this book really cool? This little blog of mine has been mentioned in it and that's a first as far as I know. You can imagine how happy I am to be featured here among some of my blog idols...

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