Nov 5, 2008

Design classics: Ball clock

Time again for another design lesson ! Today we will be talking about the ball clock from George Nelson.

Luis Albuquerque

Does anybody know who George Nelson is?
Yes, you there in the back?

Ah yes, indeed, Nelson was a renowned architect, often mentioned as one of the founders of American Modernism.

Can anybody name me another founder?
No Jimmy, Micky Mouse doesn't count. Who does count is Charles Eames, an architect turned designer just as George Nelson.

Through Flickr

And just as with Eames, you can feel the fun oozing out of Nelson product designs. Yes boys and girls, this clock embodies all what was good in the fifties, and is still a refreshing piece of design today.

That's it for today. Class dismissed.

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Annabelle said...

What a beauty! I LOVE that clock! I just bought one for my home office and everyone that sees it has been complimenting me on it. Its artistic AND practical. I got it from and it was a fabulous buying experience. Best price, best service. I'd totally recomend it.