Nov 28, 2008

Design classics: Componibili

So far I have only showed off design classics by men, so in this episode, a little bit of female power.

The Componibili modular storage system, was designed in the sixties by Anna Castelli Ferrieri, an Italian architect and industrial designer.

Apartment Therapy

Since you can combine your own stackable modules, it’s a very multifunctional design. It can go everywhere : from the kitchen to the bathroom.

Through Flickr

I think that through the futuristic design and the use of plastic as a material, this is still a very contemporary design.

Through Flickr

You can get your hands on your very own unique Componibili at Kartell.


Tina said...

very stylish & agree with you on it really can go anywhere! a great find

Julia said...

Can I just say, I love your design classics posts!

Carrie said...

Hi Julia, glad your enjoying the series!