Nov 1, 2008

Interieur08 – Jamie Hayon

Last weekend I went to Interieur 08, a design fair in Kortrijk. I love design fairs, their like a little taste of heaven. (By the way afterwards, I went to the local thriftstore: from heaven to reality…)

Guest of honour was Spanish designer Jaime Hayon. He wasn’t an obvious choice in a world that is still dominated by minimalism and function. Hayon instead creates his own little fantasy world filled with organic playful designs and mutated animals.

Some people find him a bit of an "enfant terrible", I however found his work delightfully refreshing.

Just as interesting as his furniture designs were his illustrations, which were used as a wallpaper through his exhibition. If I ever have kids as talented, I let them scribble on the walls for sure!

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