Jan 26, 2009

I like big type and I can not lie

As a graphic designer I have a healthy typography addiction. And type can be a great addition to your interior too.

Here's the proof.

Through Flickr

Nicolas Mathéus

Mata Hina

Lucas Allen


Le Rachelet said...

I agree! They loo lovely. Where can "regular non design-related people" like me get types?
Any hints?

P.S.: Lol for the title.

please sir said...

I love big type too - that little e all lit up is killing me!!

Carrie said...

Rachelet, I know that you can buy plain wooden letters in craft stores. It's also worth keeping an eye open on eBay and Etsy for old letterforms or even old wooden letterpress forms. They just have that little more character.

Le Rachelet said...

Thanks! I'll be on the lookout.:)

Elizabeth said...

Hi Carrie, I really like your blog!

These are great images!