Jan 24, 2009

Little House in the Desert

As you might know from previous posts, me and the boyfriend are looking for a house to buy. To this date the house search has been rather f****** frustrating – pardon my french – but after seeing the following listing, I think I have found my dream home.

The property I've got an eye on is the Kaufmann Desert House and was designed by Richard Neutra in 1946.

It has five-bedrooms, five-bathrooms, large sliding glass walls, service spaces and staff quarters. Mmm, does sound like a lot of cleaning ... And since this house is situated in Palm Springs it will mean we will have to relocate... And I think any interior rebuilding/redecorating might be a bit of an issue since it's one of the most important examples of the International Style architecture...

Anyway, it's up for sale for 12.95 million dollar. Mmm, I wonder if that price is negotiable...

Photos by Julius Schulman and Juergen Nogai

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