Jan 16, 2009

The writings on the wall

I live in a 'university city' – lots of dorms – and there's no denying it, exams are here! When I think of all those students out there cramming for their tests, I almost feel sorry for them.

Almost because, let's face it, university has a lot of perks too: variety in hours (forget the nine to five mentality), a three month summer holiday (if you pass those exmans) and a lot of time (and energy) for socializing and partying... Not that bad!

But if you go to Wageningen University, it gets even better. Thanks to designer and artist Yomara Augusto, you will be able to stare at these cool wall illustrations!

Should be able to cheer anyone up, no matter how hard that last exam was...


Anonymous said...

Volgens mij staat de Wageningen universiteit gewoon in Wageningen, niet in Rotterdam.

Carrie said...

Ik heb het aangepast. Bij de foto's op Augusto's site stond Rotterdam maar blijkbaar is dat de plaats waar hij het ontworpen heeft. Kwestie van het niet te verwarrend te maken ;-)