Mar 30, 2009

Tick tock

As you all know, this weekend we saw the change from winter to summer time... My biorhythm doesn't feel like adjusting , how is yours?


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Matte Stephens

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RhiannonM said...

I don't feel I am adjusting well either. I suddenly need nine hours of sleep to feel human and that is not generally possible when I still feel sleepy at the same time at night, and just don't feel awake until two hours later in the morning. Not working but at least I have a job where I can slowly adjust. Just hopefully it won't be SO slowly. Here's to hoping, yes? : )

Not your goddess said...

We don't have winter and summer time here in Iceland, but I am sooo ready for light nights and a bit of sun... not happening at the moment, all I can see outside my window is snow and bare branches!

Ashley said...

We changed our clocks a couple of weeks ago, and I still don't feel like I have adjusted... The grey skies and rain isn't helping me either! Hopefully one of these days I will wake up to sunny skies and just jump out of bed! Best of luck adjusting!

You have a beautiful blog!

Helen said...

i'm not adjusting well yet either! i had to get up at 7am on sunday which was really 6am and i've not recovered from that yet

kirin said...

Nice interior photos in your blog!
We have no summer time in Japan, and so to me, it'll be just exciting if I experience that. :)