May 30, 2009

Outdoor dining

Summer is here and I feel like a picnic this weekend.

When you take the scenic – read bumpy – routes by bike in search for the perfect picnic spot, you don't want to risk breaking your nicest china ware.

The perfect solution: melamine tableware. Their durable, light, dishwasher safe and they come in bright colours and funky patterns. What more could you want...

• Melamine Rainbow Plate - V&A Shop

• Middletons plate set – Poketo

• Acapulco dinner plate – Jonathan Adler


RhiannonM said...

They were selling gorgeous Melamine platewear at the Paris Market in Savannah this weekend with delicate branches and birds ny Thomas Paul. Now you're inspired me to make a post about them myself. I wish I'd bought some... now another trip to Savannah is in order!

hellosteffi said...

i'm a big sucker for HEMA plates. cheap and bright and ideal for clumsy people like me!
is there a HEMA in Belgium?

Beth said...

How unusual, I've never seen melamine platewear like it! It's lovely :)

Carrie said...

Glad I inspired you Rhiannon :)

Steffi: Yes there are Hema's in Belgium and I'm a big fan!