Jan 12, 2010

On a wire

I'm not 100% sure they're very comfortable but lately I've been swooning over wire chairs.

SeeSaw Designs

P.S. Design

Through Flickr


Jane Flanagan said...

Oh the Bertoia ia really comfy and such a classic!

My so called blog said...

I just bought a pair of black ones this weekend. I wouldn't say they are comfy, at least not without cushions of some sort, but they are totally swoon worthy! I plan on making some small cushions for mine.

Liz said...

those look awesome! I bet with some padding they would be comfortable.

C said...

with chairs looking like that, who needs to sit?


Carrie said...

I guess cushions do make these more comfortable but I am a a bit afraid of sporting a grid pattern on my back during the summer ;) But your right C, which chairs that good who wants to sit on them ;-)