Jul 25, 2010

Copenhagen impressions: bikes

Finally as promised I'll tell you about my trip to Copenhagen. And let me just say that I fell in love with the city. I loved the atmosphere, the people, the mentality... this is really a city I could see myself living in. So that's why I decided to do not just one post but a little series.

(Unfortunately my boyfriend's Leica broke down on day one, so off course my camera was confiscated. So unless you want to see 200 photographs of me standing in front of almost every building in Copenhagen, I'll illustrate my impressions on the hand of other people's photographs.)

Impression n°1: Copenhagen is by far the most bike friendly capital I've seen so far. Bikes are the main way of transport and everywhere you have bike lanes. So refreshing!

Cycle chic

And you have to have a cool bike to ride trough all the hip streets. Here is a list of my favourite bikes.

• Craighton Pure by Achielle

• Tube rider by Pashley

• Cargo cruiser Dakota by Johnny Loco


Not your goddess said...

Oh these pictures make me miss Denmark... As soon as I can save up some money I'll be off to visit my lovely friends over there! I lived there for 6 years but I haven't been since 2004!!!

Carrie said...

Hope you will soon be able to go back. And I so envy your six years over there ;)