Aug 4, 2010

Nothing to wear

Maybe you recognize this scene: it's 7 o'clock, you have got about ten minutes to get dressed an you look at your clothes and realise: I have nothing to wear. Not because you have no clothes, no you have zillions of clothes, but they are all, or at least the good ones, inside your overflowing laundry hamper.

I bet we've all been there before. And maybe there is an easy solution, maybe the key of doing household chores instead of postponing them, is making them a little more fun. Let's say for instance by having better designed laundry baskets/hampers. Okay maybe this wouldn't make doing laundry itself so much better but it would be a good start (literally and figuratively).

• Mexican laundry basket by Lama

• Laundry basket by Vipp

• Polyp by Helene Steiner

Or what about a laundry shoot instead?

the marion house book

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Lynne said...

Mmm, that would be me pretty much EVERY day. This morning our office PA told me I was dressed up for a party - I couldn't tell her my fashion choices are dictated by whatever I can find that is clean...