Jan 22, 2011

Design hotel: Tree Hotel

I love the concept of the Tree Hotel where all rooms are located, well as you might have guessed, up trees. It just brings me right back to my childhood, making camps and hiding for my parents for the full 5 minutes and then sneaking into the house to grab a cookie because I got hungry . Yes, I realize I wrote camp instead of, what you would expect, tree hut, but that's because I'm afraid of heights and I wouldn't for the live of me want to scramble into an unsafe dwelling made out of nothing then a few planks and some chord.

I would however – getting back to the topic of this post – not mind at all staying at the Tree Hotel (looks all pretty sturdy and safe to me) and I have even picked out my room.

Because let's admit, isn't the Mirrorcube one of the most fab things you've seen. I doesn't even look like it's there at all. Like something right out of Harry Potter. This great exterior combined with the mimimalistic Scandinavian interior is just to die for.

Photos through Dezeen


Anonymous said...

That looks absolutely amazing!

Design Elements said...

looks wonderful. amazing idea & location.

Mimii said...

Looks amazing and crazy ! I love the idea and it seems to be well integrated into the landscape through the mirror. It's very clever :)