Mar 13, 2011

By the book: Sherlock Holmes

Currently residing on my bedstand is a 1400 page mammoth of a book containing the complete Sherlock Holmes stories. As a secret detective fan – Agatha Christie is my favourite guilty pleasure – my hopes were big for the detective of all detectives. But I must say that the plots sometimes are a bit, well, far sought. I mean a secret Eastern treasure as murder motive, that must surely be a decoy? Hmm no. Ah well, at least the art of deduction is more intriguing.





Coquette and Dove said...

I'm reading the very same thing! And you're so right, some of the stories rest on a plot that's paper thin, but I LOVE the characters, Holmes and Watson are so well written. Have you seen the recent BBC 3 part series? Sooooo good, and much closer to the book than any I've seen before. It makes me so cross when they make Watson out to be some bumbling old idiot, when he's nothing of the sort.

Ashley said...

Must read the book now! I love tht library shot.