Jun 10, 2011


This weekend our family dog, the sweetest golden retriever you can imagine, passed away. However hard it was to say goodbye, I know it was the best thing for her. Her hind legs were starting to get paralyzed ( we never truly knew why) and when flies started to swarm her, we knew the end was near.

She was with us for almost fourteen years, so it really feels like losing a loved one. So this post is in honour of her. She will be dearly missed…





GetSoiled said...

I don't normally posts many comments anywhere...but your posting made me want to hug you and tell you that you did the right thing. That doggie is right now in doggie heaven telling all the other dogs how great a life she had with you guys!

I have felt your pain too many times unfortunatelly and it is true, they are part of your family. I hope your own wounds heal soon and you are able to smile at the good times you shared.

Temporary:Secretary said...

This is so sad, I'm so sorry to hear about this sad news :(

Carrie said...

Thank you both for your sympathy, it's very much appreciated.