Aug 29, 2008

Another great wait

I already told you about the release of the new n°1 interior catalogue but now it's the turn for another favourite of mine: the Habitat catalogue.

What I really like about this edition, is that they didn't just divide it up in living room, kitchen, bedroom etc., but showed 3 different styling ways.

The first one is domestic cool, much warmer and homelier than we're used from Habitat.

Then there's electric chic, where they go baroque again. This is for the posh crowd who wouldn't be caught dead in Ikea, and to be honest probably in Habitat neither.

The last one is most Habitat: on stage, which has more absurd styling. You would never want to live in this interior but still it's strangely beautiful.


andrea of ffft said...

Trying to figure out how to order a catalogue... the lighting in these shots is gorgeous and I love the styling. The website doesn't seem to have an order page though, just an email list. Does yours come automatically? I am in Canada so maybe they simply don't ship to here. Urgh!

You have lovely taste!

Carrie said...

I don't know how it works in Canada, but in Belgium you actually have to buy them!

You do get them paid back if you place an order afterwards and if you bought furniture in the previous year you get a coupon to get a free catalogue at the stores.