Sep 2, 2008

Poster Mania

Let me get one thing right: I love my apartment. But I must admit that there are a few things that frustrate me. One of these is the fact that we almost have no straight walls! Our apartment is in the attic of a former town house, so most off our walls are slanted. And so, much to my frustration, I can't put anything up on the walls.

But since we're now looking to buy a house, a slow and frustrating search I might add, I have new hope! Impatient as I am, I already started to look at some art prints/ posters on the web.

Here are my favourites so far:

BirdNerd – Etsy

Ifop – Etsy

Matteart – Etsy

Present and Correct – Etsy

Sanna Annukka

Steven Harrington

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