Dec 29, 2008

Bird of love

I love visiting my grandmother. For all the obvious reasons off course but also because she helps me with my various collections. Mostly by asking all her friends - my nan is very socially active - if they have nothing lying around that I collect.

This means that she finds me a lot of ugly stuff that I don't like, and that I throw away the moment I come home, but once and a while she finds me a real gem. Like for instance this tin by Beyers coffee.

The bird illustration is wonderfull. But best off all I already have two other Beyers Coffee tins in. So now I have a collection in my collection, how pro is that!

Being a bit of a coffee fobe myself I don't know if Beyers make great coffee but they surely made beautiful tins...

1 comment:

Julia said...

Gorgeous! I love grandmothers