Dec 28, 2008

Christmas roundup

How was your Christmas? Mine was very lazy, so I hereby apoligize for the lack of updates.

But let's get straight to the interesting part: presents! Unfortunately there are only two presents I get to unpack on christmas. I get one from the boyfriend and one from my sister. My parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles have the tradition of giving me money. To be honest I don't mind that much, this way I don't have to return well ment but ugly presents...

Back to the interesting part, I won't bore you with the boyfriends present since this one was cd and dvd related - but appreciated never the less - so I'll skip to my sisters present.

This came from one of my wishlists so off course I'm very chuffed about it! It's the flower lamp from Poll's Potten. In real life it's even more gorgeous then on picture, this will get a lovely place in our home.

My sister - who's just moved in with her boyfriend - also got an interior related gift. I made her a memo board. I painted an MDF board with school board paint from levis. Then I added little canvases covered with fabric so she can pin stuff to it, I got this idea from 101 woonideen.

She was really happy with it and I can't wait untill she puts it up in her new house!


Not your goddess said...

what a lovely little lamp, and what a FAB memo board. I just might copy that!

.Something Else Perhaps. said...

this is a wonderful idea, i love that memo board!