Dec 20, 2008

Wishlist: Etsy art

The one place where you can buy affordable art (prints) is off course Etsy. There are so many great artists on there that it's hard to make a holiday selection, but I did my best!

So without further ado, here's my selection.

Number Numbers by Pearl & Marmelade – $18
Nothing like a bit of letterpress to get my blood running. This limited edition print is so cute that you just can't resist...

Charlie Bird by Matte Stephens – $35
I really should just buy this print as a gift for myself, it's been on my wishlist for way too long.

California by Dutch Door Press – $15
Letterpress and vintage inspired illustrations, it doesn't get any better than this!

Thistle by Yellena – $20
I love the unique intricate pattern on this print.


Julia said...

There's nothing like getting amazing art on etsy! Hope you have a great weekend. :)

Carrie said...

Thanks Julia, you too!