Dec 16, 2008

Wishlist: Necklaces

Nothing like a bit of jewelery for under the Christmas tree! I only wear two types of jewelery: earrings and necklaces. Since I love making earrings myself, that leaves necklaces to wish for!

Here are my favourites from Etsy.

Ball and Chain by Chainchainchained – $32
A necklace that is both robust and delicate. Soothes my every mood...

Golden Lilypads by Luxedeluxe – $29
Adrienne from Luxedeluxe always makes the most beautiful jewelery.

Waterlily by Trystbykerry – $ 30
Say it with flowers. Love the double strand...


Shelby said...

simply lovely!!

Mrs. C said...

Adore them

Julia said...

These are the lilypads!