Jan 6, 2009

Design classics: Utensilo

A new year, a new design classic. First up: the Utensilo.

Through Flickr

Designed in the late sixties by Dorothee Becker, the Utensilo brings order to all your chaos. The differently-shaped and sized pockets helps you organize whatever room you want.

Bolig Magasinet

It's made from ABS plastic and comes in 2 sizes, the original one (87 by 67 cm) and a smaller version (68 by 52 cm), and three colours (white, black and red).


The Utensilo is both practical and beautiful. The holy grail for an organizing freak like me. This next to a memo board – for my numerous lists – is my idea of heaven.

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darmap28 said...

I love this picture and I love this blog so many great ideas.