Jan 7, 2009

Tick tock: Design clocks for the office

When you get back to work after being on holidays, time just seems to go that little bit slower. I keep checking the clock on my computer and hoping it will be, please, pretty please, six o'clock. Most of the times it's only four, thanks a lot stupid dark winter...

Unfortunately there is no design yet for a 'time forwarder', but at least we can sweeten the bitter pill a bit by counting down the hours on a well-designed clock.

Like for instance this Timeless clock by Pascal Tarabay. By the time you have figured out how late it is, it will be time to go home.

Or if you work, like me, in a graphic design company, you just have to get the Font clock from Established & Sons.

And then there's the clocks of all clocks, the Sunflower clock from Georges Nelson. To expensive to buy yourself, try convincing the office that productivity will definitely go up when they buy this beauty.


Tina said...

that sunflower clock is amazing!

Term paper guide said...

yeah the clock is beautiful.