Feb 26, 2009

Going green

I consider myself as quite a 'green girl'. I go to my work by train and do most of my shopping on foot or by bike. Most, I confess we do go once a week to the supermarket by car. But we drive a Smart, so I'm guessing it's only half as polluting as a normal car since it's, well only half the size. That makes sense doesn't it?

Let's get back to the bike. Since it's used for shopping, I definitely need a bicycle basket. I have a boring black one for the moment but I'm very tempted to trade it in with this beauty by Design House.

It's even called Carrie! It really got my name written all over it...


Drea said...

Wow! That is the cutest bike basket I've ever seen.

Sydney Plumber said...

Beautiful..I love Green