Mar 16, 2009

Add some spice with Rice

I came across homeware company Rise recently and I totally fell for their core values: colour, fun and function.

Rice was founded 10 years ago by Charlotte and her husband, after they decided to move from Paris to Denmark. They started selling things with help from their schoolfriend Hans who lives in Thailand.

Their products are designed and developed in Denmark, and are produced in the third world with respect for people. (No child labour and the workers employed are treated properly).

Their products are just the perfect feel good buy.


wide open spaces said...

I love these. So often I buy, white, white, & more white. This makes me want to trade it all in for COLOR.

bopbopdesigns said...

So fun, I love their products!

ninainvorm said...

that color blue on the first photo is so beautiful... And Rice is a great brand, I have one of their bags and it was a very good buy!