Mar 15, 2009

Buy the Past

Last weekend I went to a 'Buy the Past' day organised by our local thrift stores. Basically what it means is that all thrift stores assemble their most retro objects and sell them together on one day in one location.

There are a few pros and cons to be said for this. Positive first, it's a great way for the stores to promote what they do. Plus it also gives them a trendier image. And you are sure to find some great objects. Which in a weird way almost feels like a negative, it kind of takes away the thrill of the hunt...

Altough... all that loveliness can only be yours if you come on time. Cause this event always attracts a big crowd, a lot more people than in your average thrift store. This is the third edition I've went to and every year it gets crowdier and crowdier.

But don't let all this negative talk fool you, because off course I was able to score some great bargain hunts.

So let me show you my treasures:

First up, some lovely dinnerware plates called June by Norwegian Stavangerflint. I loved the illustrations and colours on this one. I paid 1.5€ for these.

Then there's a desk lamp by Anglepoise. I wasn't so lucky to grab an original 1227, but for 5€ I think this is still a great find.

Next up is a West German bowl for 1€. This does miss a few chips but I just loved it so much that I bought it anyway.

But my buy of the day was this magazine rack by Kartell. I was a big fan of this design by Giotto Stoppino so I was absolutely delighted to pick up a vintage one for 20€!

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Hijiri said...

WOW, great finds!!! Love them all... lucky you!! :)