May 19, 2010

Up we go

Our summer holiday is booked and confirmed. Maybe it's not a surprise that this year, instead of heading south, we'll go up north. I've seem to be bookmarking a lot of Scandinavian interiors lately and consequence or not we will be going to Copenhagen, a capital known for it's great design and interior shops (I don't think the boyfriend thought this one through).

So just another 50 days or so and I'm off! If you have ever been to Copenhagen and know some must see places (shops, restaurants, museums or otherwise) than please let me know!

Belle Maison

emmas designblogg

The brick house


Not your goddess said...

Oh I envy you, I love Copenhagen. Haven't been in years though so I couldn't advise you on places to go. I lived in Denmark for 6 years but I have only visited once since moving to London in 2003 :(

escapade said...

Love all the fresh white with pops of colour!

soisses said...

i like your blog & will come back =)

snowsmilla said...

Sounds like fun. I saw a lot of CPH shopping posts a while ago on some Swedish blogs. I'll check if can find it now:
(scroll down to the beginning of may)
(scroll down to April 9-11)
And here are a lot of things to do in in swedish though :-)

snowsmilla said...

oh and the royal castle is showing the prince and pricess' future private home :-)

Anonymous said...

Hey, I know it's not very cool, to link to the own blog, but I have three copenhagen guides on mine and I guess you would love them. A lot of people have been excited by the snack- and shoppingtipps. So if you like, go to my blog, enter "kopenhagen" in the search field and there you are seeing the best places in copenhagen. I love that city, best city ever! Have a happy trip! Steffi

purple area said...

Love this, so cool inspiration!!

Carrie said...

@ not your goddess: hope you will be able to go back soon! And you reminded me that I'm due a visit to London ;-)

@snowsmilla: thanks for the links. unfortunately the castle is only open untill end of may, shame it looked really cool!

@ ohhmm: that's alright ;-) (By the way that strawberry/rhubarb cake on your blog looks delicious!)

Nina said...

Illums Bolighus on Ströget is the must go to place in Copenhagen if you like Scandinavian design. Söstrarna Grene is another store with lots of fun things.