Jan 30, 2010

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Jan 28, 2010

Quick links

L'Affiche Moderne is offering Carrie Can readers 30% off. Just enter the following code
: 01012010. (Until February 11)

It's here!

Clearance sale going on over at Regency shop. Your chance to pick up an egg ball chair for only $595.

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Jan 26, 2010

Give me a rug

Oh, how I dream of spring! Unfortunately there's another cold front coming our way. But I bet I would care less if I could keep my feet warm on one of the following shag rugs.

The beautiful soup

Desire to inspire


Jan 24, 2010

I heart...

... new print by Toonpoot.

Jan 23, 2010

By a long chalk

One of my new year resolutions was to try and do illustration sketches on a daily basis. As so many resolutions, I haven't been able to keep it up. Every day just seems to be impossible.

But I've been wondering if a chalkboard wall could be the solution. If I would have one in the kitchen, I could doodle on it while cooking or – very anti social – while eating. It would feel like being a kid again. And if my inner child doesn't feel up to the challenge, I could still use it for grocery lists. Or love notes :)


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Jan 21, 2010

Not so blue

Since this week featured the most depressing day of the year, I thought it was time for some colourful photos to cheer us up.



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Jan 20, 2010

Modern wisdoms


Jan 19, 2010

I heart...

... Kulinara dinnerware designed by Hanna Werning for Rörstand.

Jan 18, 2010

The office: officePOD

For all you lucky ones working from home, here is a nice way get away from all life's little distractions: the officePOD.

I woudn't mind to emerge from one of these at six o'clock, take a brisk walk to the house, open the door and call out: "honey, I'm home!" Ah, and so the daydreaming continues...

Jan 16, 2010

Fluffed up

One of these eternal misunderstandings between men and women involve cushions.

Men just don't get why we woman can, – even tough we have zillions cushions at home – still hold up new designs during every shopping trip and ask them "what do you think of this one?".

For all my readers of the other sex, it is in fact really simple. We women like a bit of change now and then and a fast an inexpensive way to do this is by adding new details to our interior like – indeed – cushions.

So next time we pop the question, just be glad we're thinking about changing the cushions of the couch and not the guy sitting on it.

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Joanna Henderson


Jan 15, 2010

Quick links

Just couldn't resist this cute little guy. See more pics over here.

For all the graphic geeks out there: Pantone folding chairs.

Sales going on over at Orla Kiely.

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Jan 14, 2010

Etsy favs: Kup Kup Land

I'm a bit of a daydreamer, so the wonderful imaginary world of Kup Kup land is just my cup of tea.

Jan 12, 2010

On a wire

I'm not 100% sure they're very comfortable but lately I've been swooning over wire chairs.

SeeSaw Designs

P.S. Design

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Jan 10, 2010

Modern wisdoms


Jan 8, 2010

To stuff or not to stuff

Let me introduce you with a litle dillema of mine: I'm a big animal fan but still I have a morbid fascination with stuffed animals.

On the one hand I'm against any cruelty towards animals but on the other hand I do eat meat and wear leather. But are stuffed animals a step too far? I guess there is a diferentation between just killing an animal to make a trophy out of it, or having a beloved pet immortalized. Although the latter also gives me the creeps.

But even tough I like the look of stuffed animals, I think that in their vicinity, I wouldn't feel quite comfortable and would soon begin to think that their little beady eyes were watching me.

So what do you think? Taxidermy, yay or nay?

Apartment Therapy

Home Sweet Home

Lonny Magazine

Jan 7, 2010

I heart...

... flat-packed 3D postcards by lovi.

Jan 6, 2010

DIY: Colourful mirror

Absolutely adore this mirror decorated with colourful spoons. Who knew that cutlery could look this good?

Find out how to make it over here.

Country Living

Jan 4, 2010

Reading corner

Alas, the first working day of the new year has begun. I'm still a bit groggy of the early rise and not quite in working mode just yet.

I think I'll daydream a bit about the recent holidays. How did you spent yours? Mine were filled with the obvious: parties, family, friends, champagne and way too much food. But whenever I had time, I sneaked off to read and I'm hapilly to report that I've finished 'The angel's game' by Carlos Luiz Zafron. I must say I absolutely loved it, I really must try to visit Barcelona in 2010.

Haven't read the book? Get inspired by the following reading nooks, get your hands on a copy and get swept away by this page-turning story.

Home Sweet Home